Triple the Families, Triple the Fun!

Last weekend, we paid a visit to my old friends Jackie & Boogs to not just hang and photograph their family, but their two next door neighbor's families as well! The cast of characters that day included the following: 

House Joaquin: Jackie & Boogs, their kids - Jasmine, Jayden, & Jena, also Jackie's Family - her Parents Ellie & Cora, & her sister Sharon

House Scott: Bob & Andrea, their kids - Ryan & Ashley

House Bind: Eric & Ashika, their kids - Etienne & Eliana

 (almost as many as the game of thrones cast! #gotreference)

The afternoon was filled kids running around, fall leaves, family photos, family photos with fall leaves, various people throwing leaves at me, and oh yeah, kids running around... Here are the shots we got!

House Joquain


House Scott


House Bind


Altogether now!