Best Pix of 2016: Texas


Helena Grace: the eldest daughter of my brother in law Jon. Upon our arrival to the Stuhl household, we had barely gotten 5 feet from our rental car when Helena and company had rushed out to greet us. Throughout our stay, Helena's company was one of the most memorable parts of the trip. Over the course of the week together, we drew at the kitchen table, danced in the living room, and swam in the pool among many other things. In this picture, I captured joyous Helena before we took a dip in the pool.


Jaclynne: Jon & Theresa Stuhl's second daughter. To describe Jackie as having an eccentric personality would be an understatement. Throughout the week, Jackie could be always found running around and causing chaos. From racing around the house to screaming "Uncle Paolo" over and over again, Jackie was always full of energy.  In this photo, I was able to capture Jackie in a rare moment of fatigue as she lay flat on the kitchen bench. Just like Helena, the times spent with Jackie will be some of most memorable from our trip to Texas. 


During most of our Texas trip, we called the Stuhl house in Frisco, home. While there, Jon & Theresa put us up in the office turned guest room. The accommodations allowed us privacy from the rest of the house without being too far from the action. Like our room, the rest of the house was filled with many nooks where one could escape. For Jackie, one of these getaways was the kitchen pantry. In the photo above, I caught Jackie peering through the crack of the pantry door as she playfully hid from the rest of the house. 

Things & Spaces

Meat, specifically beef, was a staple of our diet in Texas. At Hard Eight Pit BBQ, the beef brisket specifically stood out as a carnivore's dream meal. The meat itself was prepared in the large smokers we encountered as we walked in. The final product was beef bliss with its perfect taste and texture. The burnt ends, in particular, packed the most flavor.  Along with the brisket, we also scarfed down BBQ ribs and roast turkey to round out the protein overload. 

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