Philippines Trip Part 1: Family

The first part of our trip to Philippines started with an extremely long flight. As if waiting on a 16 hour flight wasn't enough, we met our arrival in Manila with extreme traffic. A 6km journey from the airport to our hotel took roughly 2 hours. None the less, we had finally arrived. From there, the trip began its frenetic pace.... Part 1 of this photo story documents the journey here and the first few days spent in the Philippines at the Violeta Reunion (Dad's mother's side), the Tanjuakio Reunion at Subic Bay, visiting my Lola in Guagua, as well a visit to Quezon City to visit my grandparents on my Mom's side


Airports and Arrivals


Violeta Reunion


Tanjuakio Reunion @ Subic Bay


Grandma in Guagua


Quezon City with the Garcia's

More to come in Part 2.... Palawan.