Friendsgiving III

A couple weeks, me and the expecting wifey had our annual Friendsgiving celebration on Black Friday. While this year's celebration had all the same Friendsgiving staples - assorted IPAs, bobbie subs, a makeshift photobooth... it also had an added bonus: A gender reveal for our yet to be born first child! Because of the IVF process, we were able to determine the sex of our child very early on during the pregnancy. We actually had the un-opened envelope in my work bag for about 5 weeks before the reveal. About a week before the party, we had dinner with Oneff and Chau to pass them the gender envelope in order to make a gender reveal cake. Originally, I thought we were going to discuss the color options for the cake over dinner. Almost immediately, however, Chau told us she already an idea brewing and wanted it to be a surprise. Fast forward to our Friendsgiving celebration a few days later, Chau arrived at the party with none other than a Game of Thrones themed cake, complete with a chocolate dragon egg on top! Encased in the egg was a blue dragon which means, A BOY IS COMING! #winteriscoming #actuallybeingborninthespring Thank you Chau for putting so much thought into our gender reveal cake! Me and Ashley really appreciate it and are so happy to have had this experience to commemorate our pregnancy. Without further adieu, here are the pix from the night! Thanks Oneff for taking pix during the reveal and throughout the night when I myself was not with my camera!