City of Champions

The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl LII Champions. Let that sink in. I'll repeat, the Philadelphia Eagles are SUPER BOWL LII CHAMPIONS! I've been watching and keeping up with the birds ever since the McNabb years when I was in high school. Over the years, they've gotten so close to winning it all numerous times but never completed the task. For them to win the chip finally is something I will remember forever. 

The morning after they won, I went to Modell's to check out some championship gear. After all was said and done, I copped a T-shirt, a blanket, and a couple championship banners....but, I wanted something else special to remember this victory by; something uniquely my own. That night, me and the wifey braved the cold for a couple hours during sunset and took in the Philadelphia Skyline lit up in Eagles Green. These photos will always be my way of commemorating the Super Bowl LII Champions.