Milky Way Chasers

The Milky Way. Our home base within the Universe. Over the past couple of months, it has become my obsession to photograph this celestial body where our solar system resides. Some may ask the question, how can you photograph the Milky Way if we're in the Milky Way? The answer is, because the part of the Milky Way we can see from Earth is the galactic center of our galaxy. We are essentially looking inwards towards the core of our galaxy. My last attempt at shooting the Milky Way was at Woodland Beach, DE. While the photos turned out well, it was my first time. That area of Delaware, even though somewhat remote, is still plagued by light pollution from nearby Smyrna and Dover. This time around, I headed to Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland. Despite being close to Ocean City, the view of the Milky Way points south/southeast, perfect for viewing our galaxy with relatively less light pollution. Here are some shots from this weekend's Milky Way chase. (these shots were taken between 3:30am and 5am, early Sunday morning)

Except the first three pix... Taken Friday around midnight, the bright "star" in the upper portion of the photo is no star at all, but rather the 5th planet from our sun, Jupiter.

Star trails

V for Nova? 

Milky Way Selfie

Ashley under the Milky Way

Close-up of the Galactic Core

Walkway @ Assateague

Shooting Stars!!!

Assateague Trees

The Milky Way @ Dusk