AZ/LV Trip Part 1: Adventures in the light

From May 5th to May 11th, me and Ashley paid a visit to the southwest. After departing Philly, we hopped a flight to Vegas, picked up the rental car, and made the drive to Flagstaff, our home base for the next several days. From there we would experience the natural beauty that the great southwest has to offer. The first day, we woke up early (or didn't sleep at all) and left Flagstaff at 1:00am Grand Canyon bound. We arrived in at the Canyon around 2:30am where we witnessed the cosmos under the darkest of skies. (Night time pix in the next post..) As darkness became light, we began our exploration of the canyon. From the hikes to the various viewpoints along the South Rim, the Grand Canyon lived up to its namesake. All in all, we spent 12 hours at the canyon. (2:30am - 2:30pm) The next two days were spent exploring Flagstaff's neighbor to the south, Sedona. Surrounded by the red rocks, we spent our time hiking, getting lost hiking, and taking in extraordinary scenery. After our 4 days in Arizona, we made the drive back to Vegas. There, we ate good food, saw the Beatles Love show and lost $30-40 gambling. High rollers, I know! Here are some pix from our daytime adventures. In the next post, I'll be sharing pix taken under the dark night sky of Arizona....and some Vegas night time shots as well. (Click and swipe to enable slideshow!!)