Emon, Chumky, Zade, and another one!?

I met Emon back during my college days at University of Delaware more than 10 years ago. During my time living in NY, Emon lived a couple blocks away from me in the neighborhood of Elmhurst, Queens. During my brief stint in music production, Emon played lead guitar on a song I had written and produced. Even though I am many years removed from living in Queens, me and Emon have remained in touch. Now, we are both in very different of stages of life than when we first met. I'm married. He's married...with a son...and another one on the way. Last week, Emon, his wife, Chumky, and their son, Zade, came over to hang out and shoot some family portraits. With his second born on the way, here are some of Emon's thoughts on what's to come for him and his family.

Q: With kid number two on the way, how are you guys feeling? What does Zade think about having a new sibling?

A: Excited and scared at the same time. There is a saying that goes "one is like none, two is 20", hopefully that's not true 🙂. Zade is very excited about his "baby brother" (that's what he calls him) and already buying toys for him.

Q: Is there a certain talent you'd want your kids to have or pursue?

A: (Emon) As a musician, I would want the kids to pursue music but I will let them follow their interest.

Q: How is this pregnancy different from when Zade was born?

 A: (Chumky) It's bit more challenging being pregnant and having to take care of a toddler but Emon has been helpful. I am looking forward to when the baby is here.

....and the pix!