Wilmo Wednesdays

I've always been looking for new and interesting things to photograph. Being a musician in my earlier days, live music has always been something I've wanted to take photos of. I had heard about Wilmo Wednesday's from Emily, half of the Bodhi Woof duo, who opened with the night's first performance. I had met Emily through her sister, Michelle, who I had taken family portraits of last year. In any case, I decided check out the show last Wednesday and made sure to bring my camera stuff.  It was great watching all the talent up there do their thing. The acts included genres ranging from acoustic duos, to heavy metal, to R&B, to singer songwriter, to punk rock and more traditional rock. It was awesome, not just watching and listening to the performances, but also trying to capture their performances in still images. It's definitely a unique way to take in a live show. 

World Cafe Live @the Queen (sad to be seeing this place close soon since me and Ashley got married here. Hopefully the space will reopen soon!!)

Bodhi Woof

E. Joseph

Sara Ann Garrison


Wicked Wayz

Anatomy of an Outcast