Under the Stars @ Assateague

This past Memorial Day weekend presented me with my first opportunity this year to stargaze and do some astrophotography. In keeping an eye on the new moon schedule, I had been eyeing this weekend for several weeks. As Memorial Day drew closer, the forecast showed a most cloudy and overcast weekend.... except for a few hours Friday night. Early in the day Friday, the forecast had shown a clearing of the skies from 11pm - 3am, the perfect window of time. As the 11 o'clock hour approached, however, it was still very cloudy in Ocean View where we were staying with Ashley's mom. After checking and refreshing the forecast obsessively throughout the evening, I peeped outside around 10:15pm and was greeted with a mostly clear sky. Me and Ashley packed up the car, and made the 45 minute drive to Assateague National Seashore. The sky did not disappoint.... Here are the pix!

Milky Way Core Close Up

Milky Way @ Ferry Landing

Milky Way Selfies